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PT. Globalnine Indonesia

Power and protection systems are one of the most crucial and important part of telecommunication system, even the most hi-tech telecommunication system will be meaningless without a proper and reliable power and protection systems.

DC Power Systems and Solution

Supporting electronic equipments with dependable DC power. GlobalNine has built on trusted names Power DC Panel solution to create the DC Power technology platform that delivers the most rigorous network-power applications, with and unparalleled breadth of intelligently engineered DC power, distribution, control and monitoring systems.

DC Power Systems

DC power systems designed to withstand the most rigorous network power applications – available in Mini, Small, Medium and Large power configurations.

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AC Power Systems
Sustain critical operation that simply can’t go down. Globalnine delivers a Power Distribution unit (PDU), from individual data center solution to integrated systems that keep network closed, computer rooms and data center infrastructure up and running.

Electrical Panel

Our product :

  • New Panel IO-UPS
  • Panel ACPDB
  • Panel ACPDU Wallmount
  • Panel IPDU
  • Panel COS
  • Panel LVMDP

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Isolated Grounding Solution
1. New Design & Re-Engineering Grounding System

Grounding System becomes a very critical part on very sensitive equipment and valuable data within Telecommunication and Computer system. A good connection between equipment to grounding rod doesn’t mean always a good grounding system, a correct configuration and isolation are needed to direct the lightning current straight forward to the earth.

GlobalNine Indonesia offers a special protection with its natural concept of Isolated Grounding System. Isolated Grounding System – Mesh and Star

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