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Isolated Grounding Solution

1. New Design & Re-Engineering Grounding System

Grounding System becomes a very critical part on very sensitive equipment and valuable data within Telecommunication and Computer system. A good connection between equipment to grounding rod doesn’t mean always a good grounding system, a correct configuration and isolation are needed to direct the lightning current straight forward to the earth.

GlobalNine Indonesia offers a special protection with its natural concept of Isolated Grounding System. Isolated Grounding System – Mesh and Star

Isolated Grounding System prevents any foreign current from and to the protected equipment due to its single reference of potential, so as it has no difference of potential inside the equipment.


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The Isolated Grounding System with its Single Refference of Potential obviously requires a fundamental concept , expertise and special material to deliver the specification. Telecommunications equipment and computer system are sensitive parts supposed to be protected like the illustrated apple and bird. Conventional grounding configuration called Integrated Grounding System is simple configuration to protect insensitive equipment, not for telecommunication and computer system. Compare the difference with the illustration of Isolated Grounding System.

When an existing equipment have been protected by grounding system, however surge and destruction still occured on the protected equipment, this means two possibilities of cause:

  • Improper configuration design
  • Violation to the original design.

To solve the problem accurately, special methode of troubleshooting is required.

2. Girdling Effect

The conductor of grounding system will react more as impedance than a resistance to the surge and lightning current. When the system is troubleshoot by measuring the resistance, it may appear to have a low resistance, however it doesn’t represent how high is the impedance. A large conductor can have 10 times of ohmic of the impedance than the resistance cause by the specific resistance (Rho).Another effect of surge and lightning current is induction. Huge lightning current (mild lightning current is about 3000-5000Amps) will induce another conductor arround it. When the induced conductor is  a closed path, it will react to oppose the direction of the lightning current, called girdling effect. this effect will increased the impedance of the grounding conductor. To avoid the increasing impedance more than the allowed standard, a special tools of calculation is needed.

3. Upgrading the Grounding Connection

Double Hole Lug. GlobalNine Indonesia has its standard to any interrnal connection of the grounding system with double hole connection. The area of connection surface between lugs to the frame or to the ground bar of the double hole lug upgrades the capacity to bring the amount of surge and lightning current.

Single Hole Lug Connection                  Double Hole Bar and Double Hole Lug

Exothermic Welding.

GlobalNine Indonesia has its standard to any external connection of the grounding system with maintenance free connection, Exothermic Welding the Cadweld TM

The molecular Cadweld TM connection will deliver more current than the welded conductor and avoid corrosion as in the mechanical crimped connection

4. Surge Arrester

Telecommunication system and computer system provide networks that became side and back door of the grounding system. That means even small amount of current is destructive enough for a sensitive part that coming in trough that back door. When configuration and proper size of conductor and the impedance have been design, to prevent and block the forreign current is by providing a blocking device called arrester. GlobalNine will provide the design of proper size and type of arrester to be applied.