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DC Power Systems and Solution

Supporting electronic equipments with dependable DC power. GlobalNine has built on trusted names Power DC Panel solution to create the DC Power technology platform that delivers the most rigorous network-power applications, with and unparalleled breadth of intelligently engineered DC power, distribution, control and monitoring systems.

BDFB DC Fuse Panel DC Distribution Batteries and Accessories DC-AC Inverter DC-AC Converter

DC Power Systems

DC power systems designed to withstand the most rigorous network power applications – available in Mini, Small, Medium and Large power configurations.

Batteries and Accessories

Designed to meet power and adaptability needs of telecom networks, manufacturing and oil & gas industry, these batteries and accessories are configured to meet varying redundancy and reliability requirements of infrastructures.

DC-AC Inverter System

Systems that convert DC power to AC power for powering critical equipment.

DC-DC Power Systems

Systems that convert DC voltages to the class needed to power various critical electronic equipment


Solutions for efficient operation and maintenance of energy equipment in data and telecom networks. Monitoring enables substantial cost savings for customers through reduced site visits and automated maintenance routines.