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Inside GlobalNine

Our Vision

To become the most recognizable and remarkable DC & AC Power Producer and integrated power system solution provider in Indonesia

Our Mission

To achieve the highest customer satisfactory level through providing the most reliable solutions and services for every customer.

To become a professional and expert by always improving and innovating within power system business through quality & commitment.

To be honest and accurate in every single part of each product and services.

Corporate Values

GlobalNine is founded as an answer to the growing telecommunication business, to provide products and solution with more than the customer expected, through innovative and comprehensive solutions.

GlobalNine managed to be a noble corporation to provide values and benefit for every share holders, stake holders, employee, and customers respectivelly.

GlobalNine operated based on honesty in every single thing that accountable either for God and human.

Every directors, management team, and operational team are operated by skilled and talented people, with remarkable experience to provide the most appropriate and reliable solution for every customers.